Activity 1: Drafting and signing a Partnership Agreement between project partners. Planning of the Project
The Partnership Agreement includes all necessary information for complete in extend or degree and in every particular implementation of the Project. Hence detailed description regarding specifications of deliverables and time plans, partners responsibilities and liabilities and financial terms will be included.

Activity 2: Preparation of training material for sustainable tourism
The object of this activity is to define the content of training seminars of the following activity and prepare the training material for target groups in Ukraine interfering with sustainable tourism. This activity also anticipates a training needs analysis with regard to sustainable tourism issues, design and schedule of two training seminars in the Carpathian region and necessary training material.

Activity 3: Development of professional skills in sustainable tourism - Seminars
Two training seminars for the promotion of sustainable tourism and transfer of Greek experience will be held in Ukraine. These are a day seminar with 30 Ukrainian participants related to tourism.

Activity 4: Publication of project activities and results
The Greek Biotope Wetland Centre and Heifer Project International Ukraine will participate in the Annual Tourism Exhibition in Kiev to seek further cooperation and exchange experience on sustainable tourism between agencies in Greece and Ukraine. Also a 3-page leaflet presenting the project will be published in Greek, Ukrainian and English to be distributed in the Exhibition and to stakeholders. Further, a website for advertising the project and disseminating outcomes, media reports, and articles in EKBYs journal AMFIVION will assist project promotion.

Activity 5: Project Management
This is an on-going activity during the whole course of the project. Project management will be carried out according to the provisions of the Contract between the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EKBY, the provisions of the Partnership Agreement between EKBY and Heifer Project International - Ukraine and EKBYs Quality Management System.







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