• Promotion of bilateral cooperation on capacity building, sustainable development, planning and sustainable tourism implementation.

  • Advancement of the importance of bilateral cooperation and publicity of benefits from the developing and adopting scientific approach and actions for the promotion of sustainable tourism in areas of natural interest like the Carpathians.

  • Support of local communities and other groups with new tools for increasing capacity building in sustainable tourism implementation.

  • Support decision making on promoting and sustainable development of Ukrainian natural wealth.

  • Support decision making when planning and implementing sustainable tourism.

  • Training and improvement of knowledge in certain social groups for planning and implementing sustainable tourism.

  • Promoting Ukraine as a destination of special ecologic, educational, aesthetic and recreation interest.

  • Contribution to increase of tourism in Ukraine and particularly in developing areas e.g. remote mountains, farmland.

  • Support and increase income, combat isolation and improve living standards of local communities.

  • Improvement of sustainable economic and social development potential in Ukraine.

  • Promotion of Hellenic Aid actions.









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