Inventory of Wetlands in Albania - DAC

The "Inventory of Wetlands in Albania" Project was implemented in the framework of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), a body operating within the framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The project aimed at the transfer of know-how in Albania on issues concerning inventorying wetlands, having as an ultimate objective the conservation of wetlands in Albania.


It was executed by EKBY, the beneficiary of the project, in collaboration with ECAT-Tirana. The projectís actions included fieldwork and the processing of satellite images, the development and installation of a relevant database in ECAT and the training of Albanian experts in its use, as well as the production of a publication and of a wetlands map.


As a result of the project, 792 wetlands were inventoried, 41 of which had not been included in the official lists of the Albanian government. Their presence was cross-checked and verified by experts.


As regards the contribution of the project to the improvement of the inventory method and tools, it applied remote sensing

with the use of RS and GIS software platforms and used low cost, easily available 30 meter resolution Landsat images as main data source.

Attributes like area, altitude and watershed, for each wetland were calculated using GIS analysis. The use of satellite images proved to be a

cost-effective application producing accurate and reliable results.

The project's results are presented in a publication on Albanian wetlands. The publication, in Albanian, English and Greek, includes general information on Albanian wetlands as well as data sheets for selected wetlands.

Reference: Mima Marieta, Eleni N. Fitoka, and F. Bego (editors). 2003. Inventory of Albanian Wetlands. ECAT and Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (EKBY). Thermi, Greece. 341 p. + Annexes 75 p. (Gr, En & Al).