Capacity Building
on Conservation of Albanian Wetland Ecosystems
The Project "Capacity Building on Conservation of Albanian Wetland Ecosystems (ALWET)" which is financed by the Life Third Countries and co-financed by the General Directorate of Forestry and Pastures, is jointly executed by the Environmental Centre for Administration and Technology (ECAT Tirana) and the Greek Biotope-Wetland Centre (EKBY Greece) with the support of the Albanian Ministry of Environment.


Map of Albanian Wetlands

Caption: The "Map of the Albanian Wetlands" was produced by EKBY in 2003, under the framework of co-operation between EKBY and ECAT Tirana, at the "Inventory of Wetlands in Albania-DAC" Project.                   More...


Download the ALWET Layman's report.

Download the final habitat maps of Butrinti, Dumrea and Small Prespa wetland sites.

The Technical Publication of the Project results has been released. Download the pdf file.

The ALWET closing meeting took place in Tirana on 20 December 2006. Participants came from the Ministry of the Environment, the Forest and Water Administration, REAs, research institutes and NGOs related to nature protection, the EU Delegation in Albania, and other projects related to wetland management and protection. Photos

Installation of the MedWet Database version 3.0.1 at selected Albanian services. Photos More...

The  "Advanced seminar on Wetland Inventory using Information Systems" will take place from 31st of October to 4th of November 2005, in Tirana Albania, at the premises of the INIMA computer room. Timetable

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) (Hatziiordanou and Fitoka 2005) was carried out in accordance with the guidance on training of the Convention on Wetlands. Based on its findings the ALWET training seminars are organized and a training package is being developed. More...

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