Project team

PROJECT MANAGER: Mrs. Marieta Mima, Executive Director of ECAT Tirana
PROJECT PARTNERS AS CO-FUNDERS: Mr. Maxhun Dida, General Directorate of Forestry and Pastures

Mrs. Heleni Fitoka, Greek Biotope Wetland Center (EKBY)

The project Coordination Unit on the basis of the provisions of the approved proposal was established as follows:

         Mrs. Marieta Mima, Management Coordinator (ECAT Tirana);

         Mrs. Eleni Fitoka, Scientific Coordinator (EKBY);

         Mr. Thimaq Lako, Project Administrator (ECAT Tirana), and

         Mr. Wolfgang Lohr, Application Leader

A Steering Committee (SC) was setup, composed by:

         Mr. Saimir Hoxha, Representative of the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Environment;

         Mr. Thimaq Lako, Representative of ECAT Tirana, and

         Mrs. Lena Hatziiordanou, Representative of EKBY, Greece .

An Adaptation Working Group (AWG) was established, comprised by:

         Mrs. Eleni Fitoka, Scientific Coordinator;

         Mr. Zamir Dedej, Albanian MoE representative;

         Mr. Arian Gace, scientist;

         Mr. Ferdinand Bego, scientist and

         Mr. Taulant Bino, scientist.