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Total site area 14.2 km2
Coordinates 40 58' N and 19 53' E
Ramsar wetland type dominant Permanent freshwater lakes (not listed as RAMSAR site)
Maximum elevation 300 meters
Transboundary No

Site Profile

Lakes of Dumre represent a unique wetland complex site of the country, composed of 85 individual lakes, being so one of the most characteristic and important sites of Albania s wetlands. The total cover of the lakes is estimated at 14.2 km2, with a total water volume of 24 million m3. They are situated on a karstic hilly plain of  Dumre, southeast of Elbasani district. The area is distinguished for its unique combination of natural and historical and archeological values. Two lakes, respectively Seferani Lake and Dega Lake (Dumre) are designated as nature monuments.

The Lakes of Dumre have in general a circular or oval shape and average depth of 7 m. The biggest lake of this group is the lake of Chestie with a 94.5 ha surface, followed by Seferaj, Merhoja, Dega and Belshi with a surface of 87.5, 65.5, 37.4 and 18.1 ha respectively. The biggest water volume (11.3 million m3) has the lake of Merhoja that is an exception with its average depth is 17.9 m and its maximum depth is 61 m.

During the Albania s Wetland Inventory Project (AWIP, year 2001-2003), implemented jointly by ECAT-Tirana and EKBY-Greece (Greek Biotope Wetland Centre), Lakes of Dumre have been studied as a whole group of lakes, thats as a complex site, and a data sheet has been compiled. Choosing Lakes of Dumre as test site is aiming to apply deeply Medwet methodology covering all the lakes of the Dumre complex site individually, and to create an archive (data base and GIS) for each of the lakes of Dumre. This is considered important not only to fill the existing gaps in the data regarding this complex wetland site, but also to ensure that appropriate conservation and management measures are identified and implemented. Lakes of Dumre and some of their catchments have been subject of severe interventions and damages in the last decades, particularly after 1990, due to lack of legal protection and enforcement, lack of management, and low environmental awareness of the local communities about the values of the lakes. Assessment of the management needs and appropriate training to meet those needs will help with building up capacities at national and local level to ensure conservation and wise use of this complex wetland site.  

Natural monument:
Two lakes, respectively Seferani Lake and Dega Lake
(Dumre) are designated as nature monuments.

The average monthly temperature of the surface waters of the Lakes of Dumre is in winter below 7.5 C and goes up to 26C in summer. The amount of oxygen at the surface is 6.5-7.5 mg/lit and decreases to 1,5 mg/lit at 15 m depth. In even bigger depts. The sulphydric gas (
H2S ) starts to appear.