ALWET focuses on:  

Capacity building and know-how transfer to the Albanian scientists involved in  wetland inventory and electronic data management, through:

(i) the execution of 3 training seminars, and

(ii) the production of a training package

The training procedure will focus on the application of the MedWet method for inventorying wetland sites, on data management using databases and on the use of modern technology tools (Geographic Information Systems-GIS and Remote Sensing) for analyzing and interpreting  inventory data and for producing thematic maps.

Capacity building and know-how transfer to scientists, trained as “trainers” in order to support:

(i) the continuation of wetland inventory efforts and data management in the country, and

(ii) the implementation of wetland inventory actions compatible with those of other countries in Mediterranean.  

Operation of a Data Bases and GIS department at ECAT premises as a national focal point for the maintenance of wetland archives.

Installation of the MedWet database software at national bodies.

Application of the MedWet Wetland Inventory method in 3 pilot sites (Lake Butrinti, Dumrea lakes and Small Prespa lake).

Raising public awareness for wetland conservation, promoting the importance of maintaining national wetland archives as a prerequisite.

Overall, an expected outcome pf the ALWET project is the conservation and wise use of the Albanian wetlands, as a contribution towards the goal of the 6th Environment Action Programme of the European Community “to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010”.