Wetland Inventory using Information Systems

The Training in Wetland Inventory using Information Systems is developing by the Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (EKBY). It  has been designed so that to meet the ALWET project priorities and  to advance its application elsewhere in the future.

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Overall training objective...   

“to build capacities of scientists involved in nature conservation in order to advance their knowledge and make them capable to undertake wetland inventories using modern technology tools such as remote sensing, databases and GIS and in line with the Convention’s on Wetlands (Ramsar) inventory framework and the MedWet’s inventory method.

The training subject matter “Wetland inventory using information systems” aims  to provide the trainees with the most up-to-date methods on data recording, storage, retrieval, processing and presentation.  

Given that, the training subject matter combines different fields of knowledge (i.e. wetlands, databases, GIS) the training is divided into four strongly interrelated modules: 
   i) Wetland Inventory
  ii) Remote Sensing
iii) GIS
  iv) Databases

The “Wetland Inventory” module provides information on the subject which includes Remote Sensing and further use of modern information systems as a means for wetland assessment. The other modules focus on tools that promote effectiveness and efficiency in  inventory implementation and data dissemination.

For the training design a step-model approach was followed including: definition of training general and specific objectives, target audience and content; development of instructional activities and selection of appropriate teaching methods; development of wrap-up and evaluation segments, design of teaching plan and training

In line with the guidance on training of the Convention on Wetlands (COP9 DOC 16), a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) (Hatziiordanou and Fitoka 2005) was carried out in Albania prior to the training development. TNA findings combined with the existing experience of EKBY in wetland inventories and use of modern technology tools, were the basis of the training design

Click on the image below  to download a pdf version of the TNA.