The Environmental Center for Administration and Technology ECAT-Tirana is the beneficiary of the ALWET Project.

The establishment of ECAT Tirana has been the result of the decision taken by the European Commission, in March 1993, for setting up the network of Environmental Centers for Administration and Technology (ECAT) and co-funding it during the initial stage. The aim of this action was to develop centers of excellence to promote sustainable development principles in Eastern Europe and Russia. ECAT Tirana was set up in October 1995 through financial and logistical support of the European Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection of the German Land of Thüringen, the Albanian Ministry of Health and Environment (today MoE), the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation, and the Municipality of Terni, Italy. The main areas of activity and expertise consist of identifying, preparing, developing and implementing environmental projects or programmes as well as working in partnership for development of environmental policies, strategies and feasibility studies for some of the major issues threatening our environment; assisting the national and local authorities to determine the most effective allocation of financial resources committed for environmental actions or programmes and advising on fundraising opportunities; facilitating the flow of environmental information and assisting in the approximation (approaching) of the environmental policies, regulations and standards that are in line with those of European Union; disseminating, developing and implementing sound administrative and technological methods for protection and improvement of the environment; Organizing training for local authorities and other projects/activities on promotion of environmental public awareness and education.

ECAT Tirana has developed and implemented several projects focused on environmental protection financed by EC (Phare, LIFE, ECHO), SIDA, WB, UNEP, UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, Greek Government (DAC Programme). Of particular relevance is the implementation by ECAT Tirana in Albania of the project “Conservation and Wise Use of Wetlands in the Mediterranean Basin, for Albania, Algeria, Tunisia, Marok and Croatia” (MedWet 2, EU Life 1997-1998). Also, it is to be highlighted that ECAT Tirana has already acquainted and possesses a very useful and successful experience in organizing workshops, seminars, trainings, study tours within the country and abroad. Of particular relevance is the “National Wetland's Seminar- Wise use and management of Albanian wetlands” 

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ECAT–Environmental Center for Administration & Technology
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Tirana , Albania
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