Assessment of the current status - Training needs report

Task 1 regards the identification of all bodies relevant with wetland conservation and management.
Includes the implementation of two actions:

Action 1: Assessment of the level of adaptation of the MedWet inventory method including: i) description of the past efforts (people involved, level of adaptation, results obtained), ii) problems and constrains faced (if any), and iii) steps for further adaptation of the MedWet method, to cover extra national needs, and d) proposed scheme for the maintenance of the national wetland inventory archives.

Deliverable: “Assessment Report for the Adaptation of the MedWet Inventory Method”

Action 2: Communication with representatives of all relevant bodies, such as Institute of Hydrometeorology, Museum of Natural Sciences, Centre of Geographic Studies, Institute of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Pastures and Forests for exploring their capacity on wetland inventory and on electronic data management and GIS and for identifying the wetland management status (services involved, data sources used, gaps with law).

Deliverable: Analysis of training needs on a) wetland inventory and b) electronic data management and GIS” Report.