Establishment of basic infrastructure for the maintenance of national wetland inventory archives

Task 2 regards  a) the operation of a Data Bases and GIS department at ECAT premises to serve as a national focal point for the maintenance of wetland archives and b) the installation of the MedWet Database (MWD) and its new developed modules to selected bodies in Albania, including ECAT.
Includes the implementation of three actions:

Action 1:

 Software development to cover extra national needs on data archiving.

Deliverable: “New modules to the MWD to cover extra national needs (e.g. GIS tools, additional fields)

Action 2:

Establishment of Data Bases and  GIS department at ECAT.

"Protocol for the operation of the Data Bases and GIS department".

Action 3: Installation of the MWD and of the new developed modules at selected bodies involved in Task 1

"List of bodies where the MWD have been installed".