Pilot application

Task 4 regards the detailed inventory of three selected sites and the data management using information systems.It will be carried out by an Application Working Group (APWG) consisting of scientists with experience on wetland issues (flora, fauna, hydrology, etc.), and of scientists for data management and map production. ECAT will lead the pilot application. The members of APWG will be derived from the advanced training group. The application will be seen as a follow up procedure to evaluate the results of the training. EKBY will monitor the APWG implementation in order to achieve the highest possible level of quality.

Includes the implementation of six actions:

Action 1:

Establishment of working group and sites selection

Deliverable: "Wetland Data Sheets for the selected sites".

Action 2:

Purchase of aerial photos

Action 3:

Field working

Action 4: Photo interpretation

Action 5: Map production with GIS

Deliverable: "Digital wetland habitat maps for the selected sites".

Action 6: Data storage in the MWD and its new modules

Deliverable: "MWD archives for the selected sites".