Dissemination of knowledge and environmental awareness

Wetland conservation and sustainable management necessitates a raised level of environmental awareness. The local people and the persons involved in management must become aware of the principles for the maintenance of national wetland archives compatible with those followed by other countries in the region. Furthermore, the adaptation of the MedWet method and the expansion of the MWD must be publicized at national level. 
The following seven activities will be performed by the project team in cooperation with the local and national bodies:

Action 1:

Organization of an information meeting for the general public at the beginning of the project.

Deliverable: "Minutes of the commencement meeting"

Action 2:

Issuing and distribution of information material.

"Poster for the MedWet Initiative and its inventory component"


Action 3:

Media work.

Action 4: Development of routes of communication with other similar efforts in the Mediterranean level.

Action 5: Participation in local events.

Action 6: Technical publication for the project results.

"Publication of training guidelines"
Technical publication"
                     "Report on public awareness activities"

Action 7: Organization of a closing meeting for the general public.

Deliverable: "Minutes of the closing meeting"