The Training Package consists of material for both the trainer and trainee and contains support material for carrying out the proposed learning activities, in other words additional information material and teaching aids. In particular, the training package on “Wetland Inventory using Information Systems” consists of:





Basic texts: They are the main source of information on the teaching subject-matter and point to sources for further reading (e.g. bibliography, websites).



Activity Sheets: They present the learning activities that have been developed to help the trainee to absorb the knowledge provided and assimilate the teaching subject-matter. In cases which the curriculum is divided in beginners and advanced level the corresponding Activity Sheets include different exercises for the two levels. Specific written instructions and guidelines are provided in the Activity Sheets for the trainee to follow (i.e. which data set to use); furthermore, suggestions and guidance will also be provided in the Trainers’ guide.


Support material: It is a means for undertaking an activity. It provides the trainee with the required data sets and with information (handouts) that help him/her to carry out worksheet activities and, consequently, to understand and absorb the knowledge provided. It is of two types a) data sets and b) handouts and will be stored in a DVD-ROM. The trainee’s use of the support material is determined and guided. These will be included in the trainer’s guides.


Trainer’s guides: It is to be used by the trainers. The main part of the Trainer’s guide regards the provision of specific instructions on carrying out the corresponding activities assigned to each thematic unit of the three training modules and the provision of suggestions on how to use and make the most of the educational material. Moreover knowledge evaluation tests and forms for the evaluation of the training events and specification on the activity performance (i.e.: hardware and software requirements) are included.