The objective of EKBY is to promote the sustainable management of renewable natural resources in Greece and other areas of the Mediterranean basin and Europe.

   EKBY generates knowledge, provides information, raises public awareness of the need for wise use of resources; it promotes environmental education and training, submits thoroughly documented proposals. It participates in European organisations and networks and in supranational initiatives for the conservation of nature. It supports policies, which are consistent with the principle of sustainability. It maintains updated archives of information on the natural environment and protected areas of Greece.

Its priorities include: assessment of changes to ecosystems including the alterations resulting from non-sustainable human activity, and global climate change and documentation of policies and measures to avert degradation of ecosystems; halting the loss of biodiversity; restoration/rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems; ensuring adequate quantity and suitable quality of fresh water for human use and ecosystems requirements; wide-ranging transfer of knowledge of functions and values of natural ecosystems, as well as the sustainable practices which must be introduced.


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Friday, 03/05/2019

EKBY participates in the implementation of the project INTERREG Greece-Bulgaria BIO2CARE, which aims at reinforcing the administrative capacities and effectiveness of Protected Areas Management Bodies, in benefit of biodiversity and local communities, through the implementation of an innovative and integrated approach. More...


Friday, 03/05/2019

The Greek National Report for the implementation of Article 17 of the Habitats Directive (Directive 92/43 / EEC) for the period 2013-2018, was submitted on 25 April 2019. More...

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LIFE ForestLife Project Building cooperation, developing skills and sharing knowledge for Natura 2000 forests in Greece

28 years EKBY


In September 30 of 2019, twenty eight years have been completed since 1991, that EKBY was founded by the Goulandris Natural History Museum, after a proposal of the European Commission and of the Greek Ministry for the Environment.

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