After the completion of the project natural vegetation in the Riparian Forest of Nestos has been increased by 280 ha, while a set of supportive studies and actions will continue to facilitate a high level of conservation status for the vegetation and the species of the forest. Restoration of forest vegetation in combination with the intepretation and recreation infrastructure will promote the distinctive ecological, aesthetic and recreational values of the Riparian Forest of Nestos, contributing to the creation of sustainable development hot spot in the wider area.

Project's results by action:

Management and restoration planning

  • Management Plan of Nestos forest area
  • Visitor Management Plan
  • Monitoring Programme of Nestos forest area (guidelines, permanent plots and base data)
  • Restoration implementation study

Restoration of natural forest vegetation

Environmental interpretation

          Congress for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation - Ioannina, Greece 16-19/11/2006 (in Greek with English sumary),

          6th European Conference on Ecological Restoration Ghent, Belgium 8-12/09/2008)

          10th Scientific Symposium of Cephalonia - Argostoli, Greece 2-4/7/2010 (in Greek)