Successful plantings (6/2010)

Monitoring results indicate that plantings for the restoration of native forest vegetation reach successfully the target of 80%, while tree height varies from 1,5-3 m with an average of 2 m. These  are the first results from the visit of the scientific team of EKBY to the 13 out of 14  permanent monitoring plots held from 5-6 May 2010. These plots have been installed in the areas that have been planted in the framework of the project "Restoration and environmental interpretation of the riparian forest of Nestos Delta" for the long term monitoring of the restoration of the riparian forest.

The project attracts additional funding (6/2010)

While planning the infrastructure of environmental interpretation and promotion of the riparian forest of Nestos, it became evident that this infrastructure should serve as the core of a larger infrastructure system for education and recreation purposes. The creation of this core exceeds the available funding and the implementation schedule of the project "Restoration and environmental interpretation of the riparian forest of Nestos Delta".

For this reason planning for this core infrastructure was conducted so that it could be divided into phases. One very important phase will be implemented with the sponsorship of OPAP S.A. for a set of interventions in the eastern par of the forest near Erasmio, Municipality of Topeiros. This sponsorship will support the creation of routes, posting, an open-air exhibition, an exhibition room, a Forest guard office and a small lake where the main aquatic herbaceous species occurring in the forest will be presented. Nearby a small wildlife observation post will be created which is expected to make visitors familiar with wildlife observation and especially with the species expected to use the vegetation that will be established in the lake.

All relevant studies are under authorisation.

Closing meeting (6/28/2010)

With Success and significant attendance from representatives of several public authorities was completed the closing meeting of the project that was held at the premises of the Forest Service of Kavala at Monday 6/28/2010. Central speakers at the meeting were the head of the Forest Service of Kavala, Ms Zoi Georgousi, the project leader on behalf of EKBY Mr. Peter Kakouros and the President of the Management Body of the National Park of East Macedonia and Thrace Mr. Manos Koutrakis.

Short speeches were made also by the Head of the prefectural authority of Drama-Kavala-Xanthi, Mr. Tatsis, Mr. Vafiadis from the prefectural authority of Kavala and Hans Jerrentrup from the local NGO "Society for Protection of Nature and Ecodevelopment".The concluding speech was given by the Emeritus Professor of Forestry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Spyros Dafis.

The meeting aimed at the dissemination of project's results to the public authorities of the project's area, to the local authorities, to the scientific community of the wider area and to the public and the advantages that the project offers to the area. Protection of the environment of the wider area and opportunities for the development of ecotourism were the topics that prevailed in the discussions after the main presentations. 
See images from the meeting: