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Preparatory work: Setting the problem and make known previous efforts

This activity will involve meetings between all partners involved in the project mainly in Thessaloniki and Germany where test sites using similar technology are already under operation. Thus, everybody involved in the project will become familiar with the requirements, potential, and expected benefits of the systems to be constructed in their area. Furthermore, these meetings will bring together the partners who will have the chance for exchanging experiences and deciding upon the final work plan.


In each area where the system in question will be operated, open seminars-workshops will be organised addressed mainly to the pertinent local services but also to locals in order to gain their consent to the project and also their active involvement.


Two meetings for optimum exchange of already gained knowledge and for setting the priorities of the actions will be organized as soon as the project is approved. These meetings will be combined with site visits in Greece and Germany, where natural systems for wastewater treatment operate. The expected benefits of these meetings are:

learn from the experience of these facilities

speak with the locality, looking to the question of the public involvement

going into questions of detail design characteristics

experience a reed bed system first hand

see other reed beds in the area

discuss about different systems of reed beds




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