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Constructed Wetlands
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Feasibility studies and consulting engineering work

The sites where the natural systems for wastewater treatment are planned to be constructed, are 2 localities in Cyclades-Greece and 1 in Varna-Bulgaria. The project will provide for 3 feasibility studies in Greece, 1 in Bulgaria, and 1 technical reports for site planning in one location in Greece. The carrying out of the feasibility studies is a prerequisite according to the legislation for any type of construction.


Before the wetland construction, preliminary conceptual plans will be developed in order to consider site constrains and estimate project construction cost in each region concerned i.e. Cyclades and Varna. In view of selecting the different design parameters (construction materials and techniques, depth, type and number of ponds, aquatic species, surface loading etc.) for achieving best effluent quality, preliminary screening of treatment sites will include the following factors:

a) Distance from the wastewater source

b) Land ownership including the number of individual property parcels

c) Presence or absence of sensitive environmental or cultural resources

d) Site topography, climate soils and geology

The conceptual plan will include all major dimensions and site components including wetland area, berm cross-section, number and types of weirs and water control structures, pumping stations, planting density, hydraulic loading rate and target quality goals.


Consulting engineering work will include the preparation of an integrated study for the actual construction of the systems in question. The requested size capacity of each system will be as follows: Prefecture of Cyclades: Tinos Isl.: Municipality of Exomburgo 200 inhabitants, Municipality of Mirsini 1100 inhabitants Kithnos Isl.: Municipality of Kithnos 200 inhabitants Amorgos Isl.: Community of Aigiali 427 inhabitants. The above mentioned numbers correspond to the permanent population of the communities.




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