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Constructed Wetlands
Proposed Activities

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Construction and operation of natural systems as wastewater treatment facilities aiming at preserving and improving the environment with view to sustainable development

The most important natural treatment systems are the constructed wetlands, the stabilization ponds, and the infiltration basins. The influence of the biotic or abiotic factors on the treatment of wastewater, is extremely important because it depends on the local conditions. Therefore, the knowledge transfer from each region to another should be adapted to the local conditions. Three natural treatment systems are going to be installed in Cyclades Prefecture (2) (ERDF budget), in the Municipality of Varna,Bulgaria (1) (PHARE budget).

This activity will include:

The installation of experimental fields where different treatments of wastewater are applied

The installation of constructed wetland

The installation of all necessary instrumentation to properly distribute the wastewater and calculate its resident time

The selection and planting of the proper wetland vegetation species able to remove pollutants

Water sampling in the input and output of the experimental wetlands




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