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Activity 6

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Constructed Wetlands
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Project management

The objective of this activity is to ensure the most efficient operation of the project. There will be four levels of organisation as follows:


Project Steering Committee: It will supervise and assist all activities of the project. It will be comprised of representatives of the 3 principal partners and one representative of the associate partners. It will be chaired by the Local Government at Prefectural Level of Cyclades, Greece (Project leader).

Project management Team: It will be formed by the Project Manager (Project leader), and the Project Administrator (The Greek Biotope Wetland Centre, Thessaloniki), and one representative of each partner. This team will be responsible for the whole management of the project, the quality control and the routes of information flow. It will pass discussion issues to the Steering Committee.

Local partnership committees: It will be formed by the public and private bodies that are responsible and have interests in the area concerned.

Technical Advisory Committee: It will be in charge of technical aspects and will consult the Project management team, giving an expert opinion. Partners will nominate scientifically qualified experts to participate in this Committee.




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