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EXPECTED RESULTS (qualitative and quantitative)

The introduction of a new technology by comparing practice in different regions facing the same problems is expected to have the following results:

1. The effective reduction of wastewater load with the natural systems that are simple and inexpensive for their design, construction and operation.

2. The possibility of restoring certain wetlands.

3. Saving of energy and chemical substances in comparison with the conventional wastewater treatment plants.

4. Tackling the seasonal peaks of wastewater load mainly in the tourist regions (e.g.: Cyclades-Greece and Varna- Bulgaria).

5. Effective reduction of the pathogen microorganisms that can be achieved by this method.

By reusing the treated wastewater in agriculture it can be achieved:

1. Protection of the receiving water bodies from the disposal of even the treated wastewater, whose quality is inferior of that of the receiving body.

2. Reduction of the operational cost of the wastewater treatment plants since there is no need to remove the inorganic substances (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) because they can be used as nutrients for the plants.

3. Reduction of the cultivation cost of the farmers who use treated wastewater because of its concentration in useful for the plants nutrients.


The introduction of permanent structures i.e. natural systems in the treatment and reuse of wastewater, that will continue their operation even after the period of Community financing has finished. Thus, continuation of cooperation between partners will be encouraged after the completion of the project.


The development of feasibility study for the installation and operation of similar structures in a pilot scale, to the areas that within the framework of the current project had acquired or improved kno-how in the field (e.g. Bulgaria).


Since Cyclades is a complex of numerous islands with serious water shortage which nowadays became more acute due to the increasing tourist activities, the project in this area will have a demonstration effect for the region. Varna (Bulgaria) is also area under tourist pressure. The reclaimed water in this area could be used to irrigate the local parks, which nowadays use good quality water.




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