Expected results

The project "Common approaches to promote the sites of natural and aesthetic importance on the Rhodope mountain" through its individual actions, is expected to bring the following results:

  • Compilation of all information with regard to the current status of the natural environment and the infrastructure of environmental interpretation in Western and Central Rhodope.

  • Identification of the destinations of natural and aesthetic importance in the area, and of their promotion requirements.

  • Elaboration of a complete plan for bringing to prominence destinations of natural and aesthetic importance in the project area.

  • Development and adoption of a joint planning for the sound management and sustainable development of the regionís natural environment.

  • Identification of the problems related to the sustainable tourism development of Rhodope, on both sides of the border and exchange of views and expertise over how to confront them.

  • Assessment of existing experience and skills (strengths and weaknesses) of those involved in the enhancement and recreation in the area, on both sides of the boarder, as well as discussions on how to mutually fill the gaps through training and exchange of know-how, oriented to the needs of each side and to the common challenges which will arise when Bulgaria joins the European Union.

  • Exchange of experience and know-how in issues associated to bringing into prominence ecologically sensitive areas.

  • Information and awareness of the local community and of the visitors, in relation to the need of safeguarding the areaís important natural capital.

Through the expected results, the project will contribute to the joint planning for the promotion of the destinations of natural and aesthetic interest of Rhodope, the development of sustainable tourism in the area and the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities on either side of the border.

Credits - EKBY, 2007